My Five Favorite Finance Podcasts

I learned absolutely nothing about personal finance in school, but these five podcasts gave me an informative and fun experience entirely for free! Here is my personal list of great finance podcasts to look into!

Millennial Money
This is a great show for young people who want to learn about everything from easy side hustles, the truth about credit cards, and money saving tactics. The host does a great job of simplifying complicated concepts so even I can understand whats going on.

The Chris Hogan Show
You're never to young to plan for your retirement or too old to become a millionnaire with some basic knowledge and a whole lot of committment. Chris Hogan teaches you all those big, bold, longterm principles for success and more several times a week. I also highly recomment his books "Retire Inspired" and "Everyday Millionnaire."

Radical Personal Finance
Joshua Sheets is perhaps the personification of radical freedom achieved by financial independence. This show is for people who understand that freedom doesn't come at the ballot box, it comes through leveraging your money. If you're a person who places individual liberty above all other things, this is the show you need to listen too.

The Dave Ramsey Show
The king of killing debt, if you don't know Dave Ramsey, what's wrong with you?

The School of Greatness
Perhaps not defined as a finance show but it does cover alot about personal finance, entreprenuership, and how to adopt a mindset of abundance.

Photo by Juja Han on Unsplash